godgodHere we go tonight, to settle the meaning of the crucifixion. This is the final point from my blog last night. The information i’m about to share can be verified in The New King James Version, The New American Standard and The New Qwest Version Bibles. I didn’t take verses from here and there to get to these meanings, they are one direct comment from God to his apostles that were to be told the people for their understanding. God specifically said that the gates to heaven are narrow and few shall enter therein. He said that only the chosen shall enter into heaven. Who’s choosing here? GOD!! Point again, God said he knows everything. If he knows everything, then he already knows who’s going to heaven and who’s going to hell. If he doesn’t, he lied. Now the crucifixion. God specifically says that we are all born into sin and die in sin and that sin in his presence shall die. If the chosen were to go to heaven without the crucifixion, they would die, so God gave his son Jesus, to die on the cross for mans sins so that when the CHOSEN, Gods words not mine, entered into heaven, their souls would’ve been washed clean of their sin so they wouldn’t die in his presence. Since God chooses who will be in heaven, all these preachers, pastors, priests and whatever else is out there, don’t either read the bible as it is written, understand it so it’s about the money. I hope it’s because they don’t really understand.Let’s review the key points. God knows everything. He already knows where each of us are going. He chooses who will make heaven. He says the crucifixion was to wash away the sins of the chosen so they could enter heaven and his presence without dying. Since God doesn’t lie, all this that he has said is true. A lot of research, reading the bible, confirming through concordance and looking up words and their man made meanings and what the nk i’m religious meanings are. All I can say is if you think i’m incorrect, look it all up, honestly, no personal opinions, and you will eventually see i’m right. Thanks for reading. Hope you visit my blog again.


I make offend some people with this post, but they’ll get over it. I have read the bible a number of times, and after suffering through some horrible things this year, I decided to take his anointed word right to him just as he says we can: “Verily, verily, I say unto you, test me for my word shall never return to me void.” Meaning, false, nothing or cancelled. Ok, First, God has always said he knew us before we were ever born. Then he knew who and what we were going to be, everything we were going to do. No problem. Second, He says he knows all and that he NEVER LIES! Hmmm, if he knows everything, then he already knew whether we were going  to heaven or hell BEFORE we were born, if not, then he lied. The reason for the crucifixion I will cover tomorrow. So if he does know, then that would prove he DIDN’T LIE, that leads me right into question 3 & 4. Are you really ready? Are you sure? Here comes the mind blowing parts. Third point. God says he loves us beyond description, basically, ok, we’ll give that to him to set up question 4. Forth point, and the biggest of all really, considering all those big ones mentioned above, because I’m bringing them all together on this last point. If God really and truly loves us as much as he says that he does and he knows everything like he says he does and he never lies like he says he doesn’t, then since he already knew who was going to heaven and hell, if he really loved us, why in GODS name did he ever let those people that are going to go to hell ever be born? If I really loved somebody, period, I wouldn’t create them just to let them go to hell! Is there some type of macho battle going on between God and Satan? I, personally don’t know about the battle situation and I don’t care, but what I DO care about is a GOD OR A SUPREME BEING that tells us all this and then does the absolute opposite of what his intentions are made out to be. It’s your choice of whether to believe in a god, supreme being, an alien, satan or not to believe at all. Be honest and upfront about it. God told us this in his anointed, written word. If God wanted to make sure things were left IN the bible, he certainly has the power to do it. God, I know you explain nothing because you feel you don’t have to. Your actions are speaking much louder than your words and between the two, THEY DON’T LINE UP!! Yep, check the facts, you all will see i’m correct on ALL of these points. Happy reading!  **P.S.- Any of my followers and readers, may now send me thoughts or questions if you don’t want them viewed by others, simply by emailing me at WESSBLOG@YAHOO.COM, all are lower case.**