For those of us with children or those thinking of having children, please read carefully. Children are the greatest blessing parents can have. It’s a great loving honor to watch them grow, learn things and grow up. There are bad things that come with children as well. Most we just deal with. Dirty diapers, crankiness and crankiness when they don’t feel well and the list goes on. There are things, we as parents do, that lends very bad traits to our children and it definitely sets them up for severe problems and failures later in life. We first must learn and keep in mind, that our children learn most things from the example that we as parents set. After this, when they are old enough, they learn what they are taught by us and the education system. Parents have bad days and good days, the bad days are the problems and the parents with troubled or broken marriages are setting their children up for trouble. When children create stress for the parent(s), through their myriade of ways, parents can react in negative ways, say things hatefully or things they shouldn’t say at all. Children hear this, they are listening. They learn this behavior and soon believe it’s acceptable. Repetition is what teaches the child. They watch what you do all the time, what you do they want to emulate and they accept that as “acceptable” behavior. When your child grows up and acts and says these things, parents run around saying: “I don’t know where he/she got that from.” They got it from you. If you abuse your spouse, the child/children, will most likely grow up to be an abuser themselves. If you are a screamer, they most likely will grow up to be a screamer. What you say and do and how you do it, your child/children will do also. If you have issues in your marriage or with yourself, get it fixed somehow, someway, even if it means seeing a therapist of some kind. If you think you can’t afford it, there are foundations in every county in every state that will pay for this. The only question that ever needs to be asked is: “Do I want my child/children to talk and act like I am now?” If the answer is “NO” or even close to “no”, please get help, reevaluate where you are with yourself and what’s going on in your life. Are your children worth saving?



Their is music everywhere you turn, some really bad, bad, good, very good and some excellent. I will list some bands that have made a difference in the music industry as well as the music listeners. They will be from different genres and I will rate them on a scale of 1-5 stars, 1 being the worst and 5 being the ultimate best.

1. Journey– No doubt Journey is one of the finest. I must admit Journey is not really Journey without Steve Perry. Perry made Journey and the band hasn’t been the same band or the same success without him. With Perry- 5*, Without Perry- 3*

2. The Statler Brothers– Country musics best group ever. The Oak Ridge Boys tried to make a run, didn’t make it. It’s a shame the band named after toilet paper, yep, you read that right, retired a number of years ago. Rating- 5*

3.- George Jones– Known as the King of Country and he WAS!! Enough said. 5*

4.- Elvis Presley– What can you say but he is also called the king. I didn’t care for him, but he was very good and his music was beyond great. 5*

5,- Van Halen– Love their music. Another band that wouldn’t be much without Eddie Van Halen. Their two biggest songs Jump and Panama. 5*

6.-KISS– There really aren’t words to adequately describe this group. They lead the nation in consecutive sellouts until Chicago caught them and surpassed them. KISS is still and will always be one of the greatest. 5*

7.- Blonde– She had some good songs and a lot of losers. I was really disappointed in her. That’s life sometimes. 3*

8.- Mylie Cyrus– Started out beautifully with country star daddy’s help. She hasn’t and will not handle her success well. She’s lost a lot of support and her fan base has dwindled. To hopefully recoop, she’s turned to the sex avenue, bad move. 2*

9.- The Backstreet Boys– They were great 20 years ago and they are again. Their voices are deeper now, but they sound great, harmony is still great, and Brian Littrell can still hit the high notes. 5*

10.- Eric Clapton– I’m not sure what genre he really fits in. Back in the day he was considered very good. Looking back, the only songs that were huge hits for him were Cocaine, very huge, I Shot The Sherriff and Layla. Other than those, everything else fell into the okay category. Sorry Eric, it’s been a very long time and reality has set in. 3*

There you have my top ten. Hope you enjoyed it. Let me know your thoughts on the matter.


crashI’m so tired of hearing about all these plane crashes and the lives it takes, that upon the news this morning of a UPS plane crashing just outside the Alabama-Birmingham airport was just to much for me to bare. For way to long, republicans have worked and raised money, WAY to much money, with an absolute pointed effort to kill ALL unions. What does this have to do with plane crashes? If you go back and look at the facts with ALL the airlines, when their unions were existent and strong, there were few plane crashes. This was due because the airline industry could and did demand very high standards from their maintenance. The republican party went on a spree to kill unions, and still are today, that included lowering wages. The airline companies loved this. It meant lower wages, less benefits and therefore less money to be spent on employees and that allowed them to maximize profits. Since the loss of unions or the reduced unions with some airlines, look at how many have filed bankruptcy. The republican party, their representatives and senators and those appointed into The White House, forged such a strong alliance that they managed to get The FAA in bed with them. We began to see The FAA change their requirements from 30 day regular maintenance reports, to less stringent ones. The FAA has turned full reporting over to The NTSB, (National Transportation Safety Board), who hasn’t enough employees or resources to follow up on maintenance, they were formed strictly for investigations of plane crashes. I guess, in short, the airline industry has allowed republicans, along with themselves and the FAA, to deregulate, at the expense of the consumer, have jeopardized the consumers safety, as well as those on the ground all for maximizing profits. Before I close, the reason for the crash in Alabama this morning? A sudden fire within the lithium batteries. The kicker? The American NTSB, didn’t even do the investigation, they brought in a foreign NTSB to investigate because IT WAS LESS EXPENSIVE!! The American NTSB took months of searching and watching videos and listening to the “black box” to render a decision, the foreign NTSB? took them all of 3 hours! You figure it out. The story of the crash this morning and the foreign NTSB, was reported early this morning on BING. Who’s really and ultimately to blame for being so greedy and not caring about the consumer> THE AIRLINES AND THE REPUBLICAN PARTY!


People get involved in thinking, intruding and opinionating on and about other peoples lives and what they do or say. They do this because they really have nothing better to do than stir crap up and make as much drama as they can. I, personally, don’t care what others do. I might not like what they say or do, you know what, IT DOESN’T MATTER, I SHOULDN’T CARE!! When it comes to your family that’s a little different, only depending on what the matter is. You can’t let other people affect your life and that includes your family. The only way someone can affect you or your life is if you let them! People lie, cheat, steal, kill, make drama and try and do destroy if they can. That’s a part of life. When someone sets their mind to do something like this, no one, including you, can or will stop them. They may get caught, you might defend yourself and kill them and the justice system takes over, but you still have a decision to make, how will I let this affect me or will I at all? Everything that can or tries to affect you comes down to whether you let it. People are just people and they will try anything once. People are unpredictable no matter how long you’ve known them or how well you think you know them. The human mind is strange and very very unpredictable. These reasons are why we shouldn’t care. We can’t run around in our lives letting things worry or bother us. There are issues that we care about deeply, and i’m not saying don’t care about those, but for your sake, don’t let them affect you. In life, you can only do so much and that’s it. If you have got to worry, and there’s no choice about it for you, why don’t you worry about yourself and remember, we shouldn’t care about anything or anyone else!!

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godgodHere we go tonight, to settle the meaning of the crucifixion. This is the final point from my blog last night. The information i’m about to share can be verified in The New King James Version, The New American Standard and The New Qwest Version Bibles. I didn’t take verses from here and there to get to these meanings, they are one direct comment from God to his apostles that were to be told the people for their understanding. God specifically said that the gates to heaven are narrow and few shall enter therein. He said that only the chosen shall enter into heaven. Who’s choosing here? GOD!! Point again, God said he knows everything. If he knows everything, then he already knows who’s going to heaven and who’s going to hell. If he doesn’t, he lied. Now the crucifixion. God specifically says that we are all born into sin and die in sin and that sin in his presence shall die. If the chosen were to go to heaven without the crucifixion, they would die, so God gave his son Jesus, to die on the cross for mans sins so that when the CHOSEN, Gods words not mine, entered into heaven, their souls would’ve been washed clean of their sin so they wouldn’t die in his presence. Since God chooses who will be in heaven, all these preachers, pastors, priests and whatever else is out there, don’t either read the bible as it is written, understand it so it’s about the money. I hope it’s because they don’t really understand.Let’s review the key points. God knows everything. He already knows where each of us are going. He chooses who will make heaven. He says the crucifixion was to wash away the sins of the chosen so they could enter heaven and his presence without dying. Since God doesn’t lie, all this that he has said is true. A lot of research, reading the bible, confirming through concordance and looking up words and their man made meanings and what the nk i’m religious meanings are. All I can say is if you think i’m incorrect, look it all up, honestly, no personal opinions, and you will eventually see i’m right. Thanks for reading. Hope you visit my blog again.