This blog is from me, about me and my thoughts and feelings about trust. I have always had friends and still do. I gauge my friendships into 4 levels. A friend, good friend, best friend and true friend. A friend is someone you like, like to talk to and visit with. A good friend is someone you like to visit with, talk to and you would share a secret with. A good friend is someone you like to visit, talk to, would share a secret with and share some personal things with, but a true friend you do all the above things with as well as share your personal experiences with and your deepest darkest secrets, experiences, dreams and fantasies. With all these things, you have trust with them, especially that true friend.If that true friend ever breaks that trust, it’s trouble and destruction in paradise. I, usually, don’t give my trust, I make people earn it. I did in this case as well. This friendship grew and blossomed and I was proud of this friendship and would’ve done anything in the world for this friend. I shared things with this friend I have never shared with anyone. This trust was broken yesterday when my word was called into question out of nowhere. This not only took me by surprise, it angered me and hurt me beyond words. After a lengthy calming period, I tried to work through this and even told my friend I would work with it. After being kept awake all night by this issue and consulting with another person about this issue, I elected to change my mind and not work with this friend and severed all ties. While this may seem severe in nature due to the fact that we were indeed true friends, I cannot handle the fact that a true friend would call into question anything one or the other said, I don’t care what it was. If this friend were to have called me and told me the sky had turned orange with polk a dots, I would have believed it with no question, period. This person had never lied to me that I know of, and even if this person had, I would have forgiven in a nano-second, because I was their true friend. We all make mistakes and sometimes very bad ones or stupid ones. Trust is essential to me, whether it be in a friendship or marriage. Looking around around anymore, I’ve found that trust isn’t required much anymore. It’s pretty much a thing of the past. What a shame. If you’re going to deal with me, you better be able to trust me and my word, me trust you and if you can’t, well, there isn’t going to be a friendship.



A Tennessee crowd stood on their feet and loudly cheered with support after Tennessee Republican Congressman Scott DeJarlias veered away from Republican Party stance of illegal immigration reform to let current illegals gain citizenship status in America. An 11 year old girl, Josie Molina Macaregafter, was told by DeJarlias, that her father would have to go ahead and be deported since he had been caught illegally living in America for 11 years. Josie had walked to the microphone at a town hall type meeting and asked the Congressman if there was something that could be done that would allow her father to remain in America. Congressman DeJarlias went on to say that America has always had laws and it’s time that they start being obeyed, enforced and that it was just that simple. Anti-immigration supporters stood and applauded loudly in response to the Congressmans words and the girl walked back to her chair and sat down with her head sadly bowed down. DaJarlias closed his question and answer session with saying all illegal immigrants should be aggressively sought and then immediately deported because they are costing the American citizens far to much money and have for way to long. For once, at least, a member of the Republican Party got it right.


Officials from The Special Forces Investigative Team of The English Government, released their findings at Scotland Yard on an over year long investigation into the death of Princess Diana. The Queen of England had given a very reluctant permission for this investigation after trying unsuccessfully to stop it. The final proof that lead to the murder becoming a fact, was when the Special Forces Team uncovered an Official Letter from The English Government itself, to the Special Forces, giving them direct permission to remove Princess Diana permanently. This evidence became in possession and known during the Court Martial trial of Special Forces Sniper Danny Nightingsale. Nightingsale was the one in possession of the original document issued by the English Government. The Press Release at Scotland Yard also revealed that the investigation had turned up “proven issues” within the wrecked vehicle that tampering had been done. No specifics were released. It was also released that reports indicated that Princess Di was pregnant with Fayeds child. They reported that this request against Princess Diana was due to the fact they viewed her as a direct threat to the English Government as well as they feared she had information that could harm and/or tarnish the Prince. They should take all guilty parties and sentence them to death. Those Government Officials that are found to be involved, should be tried for Capital Murder, Treason and most important importantly, ASSASSINATION!! After guilty verdicts are delivered, execute them and I think the Queen should be right there if she’s proven to have known. That won’t happen, but it should!princess-diana-princess-diana-20757107-740-768fayad-dodi-aldiana_crash_2


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There is nothing more annoying to me than when a woman uses the phrase, “It’s my body and my right to choose.”  It’s as though dragging out that old bromide is the absolute, indisputable debate clincher and there is no response possible once it has been uttered.

If you don’t think about it very deeply, that phrase could be something that is part of the mantra and foundation of libertarianism.  It would appear to be something that we should endorse, living in a country which was founded with the proclamation that we have the right to “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

In entering into one of these conversations, I always ask the individual whether this is a right that inures only to women or do men get to play on that same level playing field?  Since it would be very un-PC…

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This blog will wind up many people, but let’s move past that right now. Abortion has been hotly debated for sometime from proponents on both sides of the aisle. I want to know why we all just can’t settle on legal abortions in the case of rape, incest and when the mothers life or health is in immediate or dire dis pare. There have been many polls and surveys of women that support the right of choice, and they revealed the majority of women support this right because they don’t want the responsibility of raising a child. An unwanted child in other words. Why isn’t adoption a viable option? A poll was taken on that to. The majority of women said they didn’t want to go through the pregnancy and delivery for that unwanted child. Okay. Some women and men wear protection and some don’t. Either way, the ones that wear protection know that it sometimes fails. Those that don’t use protection, you also know that you run a higher risk of an unwanted pregnancy. When you know these facts, don’t you think you should seriously consider them BEFORE you have sex? You should be willing to take responsibility for your actions. If you do get pregnant, what’s wrong with the adoption option? You had sex, you took the risk, go through the penalty since you didn’t want the pregnancy, then give the child to someone who badly wants it. It appears that women want to have sex when they want, with whom they want and want an immediate option out,bth_abortionneed in usa should they become pregnant. We all must admit, abortions are pretty easy and quick to get. Doctors, the courts and women that support abortion all say that the fetus isn’t a living “thing” until you hear the heartbeat. Okay, then how does a non-living thing grow and develop? I have never seen this happen and neither has anyone else. I called 5 doctors that are proponents for abortion, and they all said it was impossible for a fetus to grow and develop without it being alive. So even if you can’t detect a heartbeat, it’s alive, an abortion would be taking the life of a living “thing”. Interesting. This blog is to spur provoking thoughts on this issue. These are facts, and facts do not lie. ** I, nor my blog, take any side in this issue.**


When it comes to playing Blackjack, there is a right way and a wrong way to play. I’ve played Blackjack for over a decade span and I never played it for fun. I played for money and a lot of it. Why did I quit? I realized I had a big problem, a severe addiction. Believe me, I made way more than I ever lost, I had a fantastic teacher. There are definite rules/odds that you play with this game, and here they are:

1) You MUST be consistent, play the same odds always no matter what.

2) If you lose 4 hands in a row, LEAVE, it’s time for a new table.

3) INSURANCE. You only insure 10,11,20 and 21s. Anything else is a terrible waste of money. Why insure a blackjack? If the dealer has a blackjack and you do as well, house has the advantage, and wins!

4) Double Downs. Only double down when the dealer is showing a 6 or less. Force the dealer to draw the bigger cards. Odds say you will win this 88% of the time or better, it’s accurate. If you do it the other way and draw a small card, YOU LOSE!!

5) Splits. NEVER split unless the dealer has a 6 or less showing. If you do, don’t take a hit if you’re showing 12 or higher unless you have an ace in there. Again, if you do and draw a small card, odds say that 92.5% of the time YOU LOSE!!

6) Dealer Bust Hand. A dealer bust hand is when the dealer is showing a 6 or less. NEVER HIT if you have a 12 or higher, unless you have an ace, then you should hit ONE TIME ONLY! You always assume the dealer has a “10” in the hole.

7) ONE EXCEPTION. You ALWAYS SPLIT aces and 8s no matter what the dealer is showing.

8) BETS. You never insure but 10,11,20 and 21s as stated above, otherwise you’re wasting your money. The likely hood of you drawing the right hand and beating the dealers hand is less than 50%, so why would you want to throw good money to protect those odds?

9) MORE ABOUT BETS. Place the same bet every hand. If you lose a $100 bet and then bet $50 on the next hand and win, you are still a loser. If you were consistent, you would’ve lost only your anny.

10) PLAY WITHIN YOUR MEANS. Don’t bet money you can’t afford to lose. Losers remorse isn’t good or healthy.

Those are the rules. Vegas odds, as well as the true REAL players as I was, will tell you. If you follow these rules, you will come out ahead around 81.2% of the time. It takes a great deal of patience and being CONSISTENT!!!

Take my advice, stay within your means. I played well beyond mine, but I was very fortunate to have had a great teacher and to have followed these rules EXACTLY!! Don’t let the game rule you and develop into a problem. Always stay in control! If you gamble in this game or decide to try it, follow these rules and GOOD LUCK!