This blog is from me, about me and my thoughts and feelings about trust. I have always had friends and still do. I gauge my friendships into 4 levels. A friend, good friend, best friend and true friend. A friend is someone you like, like to talk to and visit with. A good friend is someone you like to visit with, talk to and you would share a secret with. A good friend is someone you like to visit, talk to, would share a secret with and share some personal things with, but a true friend you do all the above things with as well as share your personal experiences with and your deepest darkest secrets, experiences, dreams and fantasies. With all these things, you have trust with them, especially that true friend.If that true friend ever breaks that trust, it’s trouble and destruction in paradise. I, usually, don’t give my trust, I make people earn it. I did in this case as well. This friendship grew and blossomed and I was proud of this friendship and would’ve done anything in the world for this friend. I shared things with this friend I have never shared with anyone. This trust was broken yesterday when my word was called into question out of nowhere. This not only took me by surprise, it angered me and hurt me beyond words. After a lengthy calming period, I tried to work through this and even told my friend I would work with it. After being kept awake all night by this issue and consulting with another person about this issue, I elected to change my mind and not work with this friend and severed all ties. While this may seem severe in nature due to the fact that we were indeed true friends, I cannot handle the fact that a true friend would call into question anything one or the other said, I don’t care what it was. If this friend were to have called me and told me the sky had turned orange with polk a dots, I would have believed it with no question, period. This person had never lied to me that I know of, and even if this person had, I would have forgiven in a nano-second, because I was their true friend. We all make mistakes and sometimes very bad ones or stupid ones. Trust is essential to me, whether it be in a friendship or marriage. Looking around around anymore, I’ve found that trust isn’t required much anymore. It’s pretty much a thing of the past. What a shame. If you’re going to deal with me, you better be able to trust me and my word, me trust you and if you can’t, well, there isn’t going to be a friendship.