A Tennessee crowd stood on their feet and loudly cheered with support after Tennessee Republican Congressman Scott DeJarlias veered away from Republican Party stance of illegal immigration reform to let current illegals gain citizenship status in America. An 11 year old girl, Josie Molina Macaregafter, was told by DeJarlias, that her father would have to go ahead and be deported since he had been caught illegally living in America for 11 years. Josie had walked to the microphone at a town hall type meeting and asked the Congressman if there was something that could be done that would allow her father to remain in America. Congressman DeJarlias went on to say that America has always had laws and it’s time that they start being obeyed, enforced and that it was just that simple. Anti-immigration supporters stood and applauded loudly in response to the Congressmans words and the girl walked back to her chair and sat down with her head sadly bowed down. DaJarlias closed his question and answer session with saying all illegal immigrants should be aggressively sought and then immediately deported because they are costing the American citizens far to much money and have for way to long. For once, at least, a member of the Republican Party got it right.