Officials from The Special Forces Investigative Team of The English Government, released their findings at Scotland Yard on an over year long investigation into the death of Princess Diana. The Queen of England had given a very reluctant permission for this investigation after trying unsuccessfully to stop it. The final proof that lead to the murder becoming a fact, was when the Special Forces Team uncovered an Official Letter from The English Government itself, to the Special Forces, giving them direct permission to remove Princess Diana permanently. This evidence became in possession and known during the Court Martial trial of Special Forces Sniper Danny Nightingsale. Nightingsale was the one in possession of the original document issued by the English Government. The Press Release at Scotland Yard also revealed that the investigation had turned up “proven issues” within the wrecked vehicle that tampering had been done. No specifics were released. It was also released that reports indicated that Princess Di was pregnant with Fayeds child. They reported that this request against Princess Diana was due to the fact they viewed her as a direct threat to the English Government as well as they feared she had information that could harm and/or tarnish the Prince. They should take all guilty parties and sentence them to death. Those Government Officials that are found to be involved, should be tried for Capital Murder, Treason and most important importantly, ASSASSINATION!! After guilty verdicts are delivered, execute them and I think the Queen should be right there if she’s proven to have known. That won’t happen, but it should!princess-diana-princess-diana-20757107-740-768fayad-dodi-aldiana_crash_2



  1. You are correct they should be put to death,for capital murder.she was a person just like anyone else,just because she was the princesa Does not give anyone the right to mess with them and take a very special person out because they want to get recionized

  2. I shiver at the thought of The Queen of England being possibly involved. I can believe it though. The English government assassinating her, just because of the power she had. I don’t believe for one minute she would’ve harmed any of them. May God forgive them and I hope they get more than what they have coming to them the bastards!!

    • I hope they get more than what they deserve to bro. I wish they would get convicted, get the death penalty and then die very slowly.

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