This blog will wind up many people, but let’s move past that right now. Abortion has been hotly debated for sometime from proponents on both sides of the aisle. I want to know why we all just can’t settle on legal abortions in the case of rape, incest and when the mothers life or health is in immediate or dire dis pare. There have been many polls and surveys of women that support the right of choice, and they revealed the majority of women support this right because they don’t want the responsibility of raising a child. An unwanted child in other words. Why isn’t adoption a viable option? A poll was taken on that to. The majority of women said they didn’t want to go through the pregnancy and delivery for that unwanted child. Okay. Some women and men wear protection and some don’t. Either way, the ones that wear protection know that it sometimes fails. Those that don’t use protection, you also know that you run a higher risk of an unwanted pregnancy. When you know these facts, don’t you think you should seriously consider them BEFORE you have sex? You should be willing to take responsibility for your actions. If you do get pregnant, what’s wrong with the adoption option? You had sex, you took the risk, go through the penalty since you didn’t want the pregnancy, then give the child to someone who badly wants it. It appears that women want to have sex when they want, with whom they want and want an immediate option out,bth_abortionneed in usa should they become pregnant. We all must admit, abortions are pretty easy and quick to get. Doctors, the courts and women that support abortion all say that the fetus isn’t a living “thing” until you hear the heartbeat. Okay, then how does a non-living thing grow and develop? I have never seen this happen and neither has anyone else. I called 5 doctors that are proponents for abortion, and they all said it was impossible for a fetus to grow and develop without it being alive. So even if you can’t detect a heartbeat, it’s alive, an abortion would be taking the life of a living “thing”. Interesting. This blog is to spur provoking thoughts on this issue. These are facts, and facts do not lie. ** I, nor my blog, take any side in this issue.**


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  1. Adoption is a terrible option to throw about so lightly. You’re asking a woman to carry a child to term and then give it to other people. The effects of this are well known – life long grief and trauma for the birth mother and a sense of longing for the adopted children. Adoptions were only common until the early 1980s in many countries and the reason is that babies were forcibly torn away from their mothers in hospital. Once that stopped, adoptions dropped to virtually nothing. In any case, a woman is not an incubator to carry a child for someone else.

    • Apparently, you missed the last line of my blog. My opinion is not what I blogged, nor for it I assure you. I plainly stated why women, or why women could possibly be for abortion and reasons why there could be options to avoid it. I can wholeheartedly see your point. Then it brings a question for you. Where is the fathers part of the decision? A women can’t get pregnant on her own, it also takes a man. Why is he not involved in the abortion decision? I know if the man shirks his responsibility and isn’t around, then he excludes himself at that point. Once again, I assure you, I DID NOT take a stand against abortion. I, nor my blog, will ever endorse either side of this issue. It is not my place to do so. I do appreciate your opinion, it is valued and I hope to hear from you again. Thanks!

    • Agreed! And to add to your point, it isn’t only the mother who suffers greatly. My mother was adopted and even now, when her own kids are growing, she is trying to heal from being ‘given up, ‘not good enough’, ‘undesired’ by her blood kin. And has had several deep, dangerous depressive episodes with that as the focus.

    • You have solid points and so does he. I’m not sure where I stand on this issue, but I have more to think about now.

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