For those of us with children or those thinking of having children, please read carefully. Children are the greatest blessing parents can have. It’s a great loving honor to watch them grow, learn things and grow up. There are bad things that come with children as well. Most we just deal with. Dirty diapers, crankiness and crankiness when they don’t feel well and the list goes on. There are things, we as parents do, that lends very bad traits to our children and it definitely sets them up for severe problems and failures later in life. We first must learn and keep in mind, that our children learn most things from the example that we as parents set. After this, when they are old enough, they learn what they are taught by us and the education system. Parents have bad days and good days, the bad days are the problems and the parents with troubled or broken marriages are setting their children up for trouble. When children create stress for the parent(s), through their myriade of ways, parents can react in negative ways, say things hatefully or things they shouldn’t say at all. Children hear this, they are listening. They learn this behavior and soon believe it’s acceptable. Repetition is what teaches the child. They watch what you do all the time, what you do they want to emulate and they accept that as “acceptable” behavior. When your child grows up and acts and says these things, parents run around saying: “I don’t know where he/she got that from.” They got it from you. If you abuse your spouse, the child/children, will most likely grow up to be an abuser themselves. If you are a screamer, they most likely will grow up to be a screamer. What you say and do and how you do it, your child/children will do also. If you have issues in your marriage or with yourself, get it fixed somehow, someway, even if it means seeing a therapist of some kind. If you think you can’t afford it, there are foundations in every county in every state that will pay for this. The only question that ever needs to be asked is: “Do I want my child/children to talk and act like I am now?” If the answer is “NO” or even close to “no”, please get help, reevaluate where you are with yourself and what’s going on in your life. Are your children worth saving?


  1. So true! Our actions especially with our spouses are witnessed by our children. They will either grow up and model it or resent you for how you acted. Since no one is perfected this is scary and parents must not only work with their kids but also with their spouses. Thanks for posting!

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    • That is so AWESOME!! It is also so very very true! I want to THANK YOU so much for taking the time to read my blog, for if you had not done this, we wouldn’t have been blessed with YOUR story and the AWESOME POEM that you so graciously shared with us! Again, thank you so much, you are a blessed person and you have touched me and my blog today!

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