Their is music everywhere you turn, some really bad, bad, good, very good and some excellent. I will list some bands that have made a difference in the music industry as well as the music listeners. They will be from different genres and I will rate them on a scale of 1-5 stars, 1 being the worst and 5 being the ultimate best.

1. Journey– No doubt Journey is one of the finest. I must admit Journey is not really Journey without Steve Perry. Perry made Journey and the band hasn’t been the same band or the same success without him. With Perry- 5*, Without Perry- 3*

2. The Statler Brothers– Country musics best group ever. The Oak Ridge Boys tried to make a run, didn’t make it. It’s a shame the band named after toilet paper, yep, you read that right, retired a number of years ago. Rating- 5*

3.- George Jones– Known as the King of Country and he WAS!! Enough said. 5*

4.- Elvis Presley– What can you say but he is also called the king. I didn’t care for him, but he was very good and his music was beyond great. 5*

5,- Van Halen– Love their music. Another band that wouldn’t be much without Eddie Van Halen. Their two biggest songs Jump and Panama. 5*

6.-KISS– There really aren’t words to adequately describe this group. They lead the nation in consecutive sellouts until Chicago caught them and surpassed them. KISS is still and will always be one of the greatest. 5*

7.- Blonde– She had some good songs and a lot of losers. I was really disappointed in her. That’s life sometimes. 3*

8.- Mylie Cyrus– Started out beautifully with country star daddy’s help. She hasn’t and will not handle her success well. She’s lost a lot of support and her fan base has dwindled. To hopefully recoop, she’s turned to the sex avenue, bad move. 2*

9.- The Backstreet Boys– They were great 20 years ago and they are again. Their voices are deeper now, but they sound great, harmony is still great, and Brian Littrell can still hit the high notes. 5*

10.- Eric Clapton– I’m not sure what genre he really fits in. Back in the day he was considered very good. Looking back, the only songs that were huge hits for him were Cocaine, very huge, I Shot The Sherriff and Layla. Other than those, everything else fell into the okay category. Sorry Eric, it’s been a very long time and reality has set in. 3*

There you have my top ten. Hope you enjoyed it. Let me know your thoughts on the matter.


  1. I think the bands you listed are right, although “Blonde” should’ve been a -5*. Mylie Cyrus has turned into a nut. Wouldn’t support her now if I had to. You mentioned “Chicago”, but they weren’t on your list. Was there a reason or an oversight?

  2. I must admit it was an oversight. They definitely should’ve been on that list. They are now the leading band in consecutive sell outs at 113 straight. That’s totally unbelievable, especially for as long as they’ve been around. Thanks for your continued support!

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