People get involved in thinking, intruding and opinionating on and about other peoples lives and what they do or say. They do this because they really have nothing better to do than stir crap up and make as much drama as they can. I, personally, don’t care what others do. I might not like what they say or do, you know what, IT DOESN’T MATTER, I SHOULDN’T CARE!! When it comes to your family that’s a little different, only depending on what the matter is. You can’t let other people affect your life and that includes your family. The only way someone can affect you or your life is if you let them! People lie, cheat, steal, kill, make drama and try and do destroy if they can. That’s a part of life. When someone sets their mind to do something like this, no one, including you, can or will stop them. They may get caught, you might defend yourself and kill them and the justice system takes over, but you still have a decision to make, how will I let this affect me or will I at all? Everything that can or tries to affect you comes down to whether you let it. People are just people and they will try anything once. People are unpredictable no matter how long you’ve known them or how well you think you know them. The human mind is strange and very very unpredictable. These reasons are why we shouldn’t care. We can’t run around in our lives letting things worry or bother us. There are issues that we care about deeply, and i’m not saying don’t care about those, but for your sake, don’t let them affect you. In life, you can only do so much and that’s it. If you have got to worry, and there’s no choice about it for you, why don’t you worry about yourself and remember, we shouldn’t care about anything or anyone else!!

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