crashI’m so tired of hearing about all these plane crashes and the lives it takes, that upon the news this morning of a UPS plane crashing just outside the Alabama-Birmingham airport was just to much for me to bare. For way to long, republicans have worked and raised money, WAY to much money, with an absolute pointed effort to kill ALL unions. What does this have to do with plane crashes? If you go back and look at the facts with ALL the airlines, when their unions were existent and strong, there were few plane crashes. This was due because the airline industry could and did demand very high standards from their maintenance. The republican party went on a spree to kill unions, and still are today, that included lowering wages. The airline companies loved this. It meant lower wages, less benefits and therefore less money to be spent on employees and that allowed them to maximize profits. Since the loss of unions or the reduced unions with some airlines, look at how many have filed bankruptcy. The republican party, their representatives and senators and those appointed into The White House, forged such a strong alliance that they managed to get The FAA in bed with them. We began to see The FAA change their requirements from 30 day regular maintenance reports, to less stringent ones. The FAA has turned full reporting over to The NTSB, (National Transportation Safety Board), who hasn’t enough employees or resources to follow up on maintenance, they were formed strictly for investigations of plane crashes. I guess, in short, the airline industry has allowed republicans, along with themselves and the FAA, to deregulate, at the expense of the consumer, have jeopardized the consumers safety, as well as those on the ground all for maximizing profits. Before I close, the reason for the crash in Alabama this morning? A sudden fire within the lithium batteries. The kicker? The American NTSB, didn’t even do the investigation, they brought in a foreign NTSB to investigate because IT WAS LESS EXPENSIVE!! The American NTSB took months of searching and watching videos and listening to the “black box” to render a decision, the foreign NTSB? took them all of 3 hours! You figure it out. The story of the crash this morning and the foreign NTSB, was reported early this morning on BING. Who’s really and ultimately to blame for being so greedy and not caring about the consumer> THE AIRLINES AND THE REPUBLICAN PARTY!