Of the 300 million Americans living in this country, I, for one, believe that the time has come for the freeloading illegal immigrants to either enroll in the 7 year citizenship program or get the hell out of OUR COUNTRY!! I know that this sounds very forthright and bra-sin, but I still feel the same way.  Our country was founded on to help the poor, needy and the homeless. The last time I checked, they still had a homeland, so they’re not homeless, they aren’t poor, because they can work, they aren’t needy by choice. Since our government won’t provide for our own homeless, poor and needy, because they are to busy helping other countries, why are they helping illegal immigrants? The American citizens need help right here in AMERICA and charity has always begun at HOME!!! Illegals, get up and get LEGAL or GO HOME TO WHEREVER YOU CAME FROM!!


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