The Federal Government today implemented a team of experts that are known as “Behavioral Insights Team.” These experts are to find “subtle” ways to influence the peoples behaviors more to what the government expects from it’s citizens.  This “team” that our government has established, is putting us just another step closer to communism if we’re not already there by most means that we don’t recognize.  Google and Bing are also reporting this story in more depth than I can cover here. It’s now REALLY up to us to do what the Constitution says we should do when our government gets to intrusive. Create ourselves a new government. Please “like” and “share” this post if you want to keep yourself and other Americans free and not intruded upon!


  1. The government doesn’t surprise me with anything anymore, especially OBAMA! Bush Jr. trapped this guy with fake money for Freddie Mac & Sallie Mae and while a very few things might be better, most aren’t. I say let’s start all over with a new government.

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