I’ve been doing some research on just a few monetary issues on what are elected officials spends our money on. A couple of things really upset me.  Our men and women in the military make an average of $16,000 per year, while the guys and gals that run errands for our elected officials  make $17,000 per year and the budget calls for 17% raises for them each year starting next year. Our federal government gives an average of $79 billion per year to other countries, this doesn’t count military items, for assistance, but yet they won’t trim that money down to assist the hungry, sick and poor here in our own country!! Our motto in this country has always been to help those sick, poor and in need, but I don’t think our forefathers meant others in the world and forget our own and let them starve, die of illnesses and be homeless! We need to stand up, fight and remember, the Constitution says that WE, the American People, ARE THE GOVERNMENT!! NOW IT’S YOUR TURN TO SOUND OFF!!