The Gibson Amphitheater has reported the concert for the Backstreet Boys was completely sold out. The concert at The Grove also seen two other acts perform at the free concert. The Backstreet Boys are celebrating their 20th Anniversary together, launching a new tour with the release of their new cd “In a World Like This”. Band Members Brian Littrell, Nick Carter, Howie Dorough, AJ McClean and Kevin Richardson are regarded as the best boyband ever. The “boys” are now men and they continue their greatness with their tremendous harmonic talents.  The Backstreet Boys new cd is available at itunes, Walmart, Target, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and you can now also find it on ebay as well. You can also check online for other distributors of the cd.




The Federal Government today implemented a team of experts that are known as “Behavioral Insights Team.” These experts are to find “subtle” ways to influence the peoples behaviors more to what the government expects from it’s citizens.  This “team” that our government has established, is putting us just another step closer to communism if we’re not already there by most means that we don’t recognize.  Google and Bing are also reporting this story in more depth than I can cover here. It’s now REALLY up to us to do what the Constitution says we should do when our government gets to intrusive. Create ourselves a new government. Please “like” and “share” this post if you want to keep yourself and other Americans free and not intruded upon!


People have to deal with insecure people on a daily basis and it affects us in a usual negative way. The single and biggest insecurity we seem to face each day are those people who seem to think we are better than others. This insecurity is the belief, that we as people, are boastful or overly proud. People that have this perception of others are usually doubters of themselves and have suffered failures in their life due to a lack of trying or for fear of trying at all due to the fact they fear failure before they even try. People should remember one thing, A failure is someone who never tried at all, a success, or winner, is just a  loser that got up and tried one more time.


All media has made us well aware that the second to become an heir to the throne in England has been born. Prince William is the first in line to succeed the Queen and he has now gauranteed his lineage with the birth of his son, his first child. England, as well as much of the rest of the world, stood on ear awaiting for the news of the birth of the Prince and his wifes baby. A wonderful time for the Prince, England and much of the world. Congratulations to the Royal Family.


The Constitution of The United States guarantees each and every citizen the right to bear arms. This right is to help keep ourselves, our family as well as our brethren safe against harm by our own citizens or foreign enemies. Our current administration is seeking a NATO TREATY that would put in place a “GUN BAN” that would put in place the right for any government in the WORLD to disarm it’s citizens with or without cause. Any citizen refusing to disarm would be punished by life in prison and if ruled a terrorist act, could lead to the death penalty. All citizens should be VERY ALARMED by this attempted action through NATO as well as the action being put through all branches of our current government. You should contact your local representatives and show your support for your continued right for The US Constitutions Right Too Bear Arms!!


The “R” rated movie of “The Conjuring” has been a big surprise to all the movie buffs that enjoy a good horror movie. The Conjuring is a well put together true horror movie that isn’t a slasher movie. From start it grabs your attention and keeps it throughout the movie with all types of spellbinding twists and turns. The ending was a little bizarre for me, it leaves it wide open for a sequel.  As the movie as a whole, I rate this movie as a 4* and highly recommend it to be seen.


I’ve been doing some research on just a few monetary issues on what are elected officials spends our money on. A couple of things really upset me.  Our men and women in the military make an average of $16,000 per year, while the guys and gals that run errands for our elected officials  make $17,000 per year and the budget calls for 17% raises for them each year starting next year. Our federal government gives an average of $79 billion per year to other countries, this doesn’t count military items, for assistance, but yet they won’t trim that money down to assist the hungry, sick and poor here in our own country!! Our motto in this country has always been to help those sick, poor and in need, but I don’t think our forefathers meant others in the world and forget our own and let them starve, die of illnesses and be homeless! We need to stand up, fight and remember, the Constitution says that WE, the American People, ARE THE GOVERNMENT!! NOW IT’S YOUR TURN TO SOUND OFF!!